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Working with Victims and Survivors of Disasters, Terrorism, War, Abuse and Accident both Individually and Systemically: A 25-year Perspective

Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes was the President of the British Psychological Society from 2015–2016 and the former Head of Healthcare Psychology at the UK’s MoD. He was Founder Director of both the UK Psychological Trauma Society and the Veterans and Families Institute at Anglia Ruskin University and its Veterans and Families Research Hub and is a former director of EMDR UK and Ireland Association. Jamie is Visiting Professor of Military Psychology in the Veterans and Families Institute Anglia Ruskin University, Visiting Professor of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, Visiting Professor at Northumbria University and Honorary Professor of Psychology at Lomonosov Moscow State University



Threats to Self-care: Who’s Interested in Personal Health?

Dr Harris Shah Abd Hamid is the President-Elect of the Asian Psychological Association (APsyA ) and Vice President of Malaysian Psychological Association. He obtained a PhD in ergonomics from Loughborough University. He has over 18 years of teaching experience at various universities in Malaysia. He is currently with University of Malaya. He is also actively involved in professional training programmes in both psychology and ergonomics. He is the co-Editor- in-Chief of Malaysian Journal of Psychology and had recently been appointed as a member of the Editorial Board of The Malaysian Journal of Psychology and Counselling.




Overcoming Barriers to Effective Parent-Teacher Partnerships  

Dr Berney Wilkinson is co-host of Psychreg Podcast. Dr Wilkinson earned his PhD in school psychology from the University of South Florida in 2005, specialising in paediatric psychology. He went on to complete a postgraduate programme and is a Diplomate with the American Board of School Neuropsychology. He is a licensed psychologist in Florida and owns a private practice that includes other psychologists and counsellors. He is the Associate Editor of Psychreg Journal of Psychology






Applying Educational Psychology: Theory and Practice  

Dr Richard Marshall is co-host of Psychreg Podcast. Dr Marshall earned an EdD in reading and learning disabilities at West Virginia University (WVU) in 1982. Upon completion of his degree he became an Assistant Professor of Paediatrics at the WVU Medical School. After moving to Florida in 1983, he joined the faculty in the Department of Paediatrics in the College of Medicine at the University of South Florida and worked for five years in the Neonatal Developmental Follow-Up Programme. He is the Associate Editor of Psychreg Journal of Psychology.





21st Century Skills for Practising Professionals with the Millennials

Dr Dahlia Domingo is the President of the Global Psychology and Language Research Association (GPLRA). Dr Domingo has been teaching at New Era University for 18 years. She holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from the Philippine Normal University. She also holds Master in Education: Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of the Philippines. In May 2016, she delivered a keynote address at the 6th International Conference on Teaching, Education and Learning held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 






Blogging as a Dynamic and Transformative Medium to Promote Mental Health

A blog psychologist, Dennis Relojo, MSc, MBPsS is the Founder of Psychreg and is also the Editor-in-Chief of Psychreg Journal of Psychology. Aside from PJP, he sits on the editorial boards of international journals, and is a Commissioning Editor for the International Society of Critical Health Psychology. A Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society, Dennis holds a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Hertfordshire and his research interest lies in the intersection of psychology and blogging. You can learn more about him through his website.





Bridging the Mind and the Body: Will Increased Efficacy Translate to Optimal Movement?

Dr Nida Roncesvalles is an Associate Professor from Texas Tech University where she teaches life span motor development, motor behaviour, kinesiology, among others. Her primary research expertise lies within biomechanics and sports psychology. She holds a PhD in Motor Development from the University of Oregon where she also finished her master’s degree. Dr Roncesvalles is an active member of the North American Society of the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity. 





The Impact of Sport Psychology on Mental Health and Goal Attainment: Future Directions and Implications 

Rohit Sagoo, MRes is Senior Lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University. Rohit teaches the BSc programme in Children’s Nursing. Previously, he taught at City and Islington College, London for several years around study programmes relating to Health and Social Care, Access to Nursing and Social Work and preparing students for university. He is also an editorial board member for Psychreg Journal of Psychology.





What ‘Manning Up’ Really Means? The Stigma Around Mental Health of Men

A counselling psychologist in training and a Tutor at Glasgow Caledonian University, Fraser Smith conducts qualitative analysis in sexual health and antibiotic resistance. Fraser is the host of GetPsyched, a YouTube channel which explores numerous topics in psychology relevant for psychology students and graduates. He is the Counselling Representative of PsyPAG, the national organisation of psychology postgraduates in the UK. Fraser is also and a contributing writer for Psychreg. 







Psychological Trauma of Abuse, Harm, and Violence Around the World: What Can Psychologists and Counsellors Do?

As an international human rights activist, since 1990, Mandy Sanghera has been supporting victims and survivors of honour-based violence and cultural abuse such as female genital mutilation, and forced marriages. At present, she is currently working with the European Parliament on forced marriages, to prepare a report based on the information from the 28 EU Member States and the selected associated countries.





Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT): Treatment Effectiveness and Implementation

Isabel Ghisolfi is a Psychology student at Columbia University in New York, a Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Programme Assistant at the Child Mind Institute and a Research Assistant at the the Child Psychiatry unit of the New York State Psychiatric Institute (NYSPI). Isabel is working at NYSPI investigating the neurological implications of ADHD and anxiety disorders in children and adolescents. She is also pursuing a research study examining racial bias in the diagnosis of Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) in children. She is the Founder and President of Columbia University’s chapter of Psi Chi Honor Society in Psychology.



 Self-Compassion and Mindfulness for Helping Professionals

Owing to her expertise in counselling, Cherrie Ragunton, RPm has appeared in CNN Philippines several times. Cherrie is a registered psychometrician in the Philippines and a psychologist at Interspect Training Services. She earned her master’s degree in psychology from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines and soon after she taught at Our Lady of Fatima University and Central Colleges of the Philippines. She is a member of Philippine Association for Counsellor Education, Research and Supervision (PACERS), and of American Psychological Association. More recently, she was one of the speakers at International Conference in Counselling Psychology held in Osaka Japan last October 2017.