Countdown to ICPCE 2018


NOTE: This is the list of registered participants, click here to see the names of accepted paper presentations. 

1. Dr Agnes Santos, Centro Escolar University (Philippines)

2. Alona Bagsic, Independent, (Philippines) 

3. Amir Singh, Asian Psychological Association (Singapore)

4. Ann Maribel Hapin, Psych Guide (Philippines)

5. Apitchaya Chaiwutikornwanich, Asian Psychological Association, (Thailand)

6. Ardiningtiyas Pitaloka, Asian Psychological Association (Indonesia) 

7. Bagus Takwin, Asian Psychological Association, (Indonesia) 

8. Buxin Han, Asian Psychological Association, (China) 

9. Clarisse Monton, Independent, (Philippines)

10. Dr Daeho Kim, Asian Psychological Association (South Korea)

11. Danielle Marie Parreño, University of the Philippines Diliman and Psychreg (Philippines)

12. Dina Relojo, New Era University (Philippines)

13. Dr Dorothea Dela Cruz, Centro Escolar University (Philippines)

14. Ferry Mae Marcos, Independent (Philippines)

15. Graham Howell, Psychreg (United Kingdom)  

16. Haslina Muhamad, Asian Psychological Association (Malaysia)

17. Dr Harris Shah, Asian Psychological Association (Malaysia)

18. Sr Janet Nethisinghe, Asian Psychological Association (Sri Lanka)

19. Jas Laile Suzana Jafaar, Asian Psychological Association (Malaysia)

20. Jasmine Calpo, Independent (Philippines)

21. Jo Childs, Independent (Thailand)

22. Dr Julie Valencia, New Era University (Philippines)

23. Dr Liliana Mata, Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacau (Romania) 

24. Maria Criselda Gabriel, Southville International School and Colleges (Philippines)

25. Maria Lourdes Helen GomezPsychServ (Philippines)

26. Ma. Teresita Abad, MA, MS, RP (Philippines)

27. Dr Masaya Ichii, Asian Psychological Association (Japan) 

28. Dr Niño Jose Mateo, Asian Psychological Association (Philippines) 

29. Nur Amali Aminnuddin, Asian Psychological Association (Brunei)

30. Dr Orlando Cabigting, New Era University (Philippines)

31. Dr Phillip Ramir Punzalan, De La Salle University (Philippines) 

32. RM Agusto Da Costa, Asian Psychological Association (Timor Leste)

33. Rona dela Rosa, Bulacan State University (Philippines)

34. Shila Alberto, Independent (United Arab Emirates)

35. Dr Somayeh Kamranian,  Asian Psychological Society (Iran)

36. Dr Tutut Chusniyah, Asian Psychological Association (Indonesia)

37. Stephen Benton, Asian Psychological Association (United Kingdom)

38. Subhan El Hafiz, Asian Psychological Association (Indonesia)

39. Tjut Rifameutia, Asian Psychological Association (Indonesia)

40. Tino Repaso, Psychometric Pinas (Philippines) 

41. Viren Swami, Asian Psychological Association. (United Kingdom)  

42. Dr Waheeda Khan, Asian Psychological Association (India)