Countdown to ICPCE 2018

Paper Presentation

Note: This is the list of accepted paper presentations, click here to see the names of registered participants. 

    1. Feminist attitude and ideology, emotional expressivity and interpersonal relationship among judokas, sports players, and dancers. 
      Asiya Ateeq, International School (Qatar) – not yet registered
    2. Lifestyle and cognitive functioning of the elderly as basis for a cognitive intervention programme
      Dr Agnes Santos, Centro Escolar University (Philippines) – not yet registered
    3. The law of harvest: Prosocial behaviours of volunteers 
      Alicia Tablizo, Our Lady of Fatima University-Antipolo (Philippines) – not yet registered
    4. The effects of gratitude journaling to life satisfaction
      Alyssa Genela De Leon, Centro Escolar University-Manila (Philippines) – not yet registered
    5. Humour styles and emotional states
      Aviva Domasian, Our Lady of Fatima University-Quezon City (Philippines) – not yet registered
    6. Experiences of gay and bisexual men in the cyberspace and its implication to identity and intimacy
      Bryan Dela Cruz, Our Lady of Fatima University-Quezon City (Philippines) – not yet registered
    7. Development of Filipino Youth Suicide Risk Scale, 
      Desiderio Camitan IV, Makati Medical Center College Philippines) – not yet registered
    8. Self-narratives and world views of children in post-conflict Marawi  
      Desiderio Camitan IV, Makati Medical Center College Philippines) – not yet registered
    9. Inner strength of parents of children with special needs 
      Earl Sanderson Tibayan, De La Salle University-Dasmariñas (Philippines) – not yet registered
    10. Teeter-totter model of burden-bearing among Filipino teenage mothers: Implications to sex education and psychosocial intervention programme
      Florence Nawew-Bahni, RPm, Saint Mary’s University-Nueva Vizcaya (Philippines) – not yet registered
    11. Psychological distress and attitudes towards seeking counselling: Moderating role of mental health literacy among Filipino university students
      Franchesca Mechael Castillo & Bea Teresa Sengco, De La Salle Araneta University (Philippines) – not yet registered
    12. Facing and managing death among elderlies
      Genesis Aquino, Patrice Anne Coleen Eser, Joanna May Lastrollo, Ma. Melita Geronimo, Mary Grace Gervabuena, & Janicalyn Calimpas , Our Lady of Fatima University-Valenzuela (Philippines) – not yet registered
    13. The mediating effect of hope between self-efficacy and goal commitment
      Hannah Wendham & Abegail Iradiel, Philippine Normal University – not yet registered
    14. Self-esteem, anxiety, and depression on the academic performance of bullies and victims
      Janice Gemao,  University of Santo Tomas (Philippines) – not yet registered
    15. Adverse childhood experiences
      Jeffrey Michael Friedman, Nova Southeastern University (United States) – not yet registered
    16. Teacher-peer support and learning behaviour of high school students
      Jethro Asor Odoy, University of the Mindanao (Philippines) – not yet registered
    17. The forgotten half of the equation: A comparison of male and female clients in counselling services
      Joseph Marquez, MA, RPm, Hospicio de San Jose (Philippines) – not yet registered 
    18. Brain lateralisation of emotional and cognitive processing in the manic episode of selected clinically diagnosed bipolar patients
      Josephine Santonia, University of Santo Tomas (Philippines) – not yet registered 
    19. Journeying into grieving and coping mechanisms of young adult widowers
      Kaye Anne Cristella Bayta, Mia Crisel Dalogo, Gino Cabrera, MPsy, RPm, University of Santo Tomas (Philippines) – not yet registered 
    20. Teaching students with special needs in inclusive settings
      Fraser Smith, Glasgow Caledonian University (United Kingdom)
    21. Psychological distress among elderly Vietnamese
      Le Thi Lam, Vietnam National University (Vietnam)
    22. ROAD to forever: Conflict management and conflict resolution of dual-earning married couples
      Marris Reyes, Isabela State University (Philippines)
    23. Exploring the life experience of young-adult Filipino unemployed
      Mia Stephanie Borres, Precious Nicole Cantoria, Katreena Delos Ama, Riva Althea Roldan, Miriam College (Philippines) – not yet registered 
    24. Enhancing school leadership skills through reflective practice
      Dr Namrata, Sikkim University (India) & Dr Charu Smita Malik, National Centre for School Leadership (India) – not yet registered 
    25. Does manipulation of efficacy affect fear of falling in older women?
      Dr Nida Roncesvalles & Marie Bregendahl, Texas Tech University (United States) 
    26. Gender differences in intimate partner violence among Filipino university students: Implication to psychoeducational programmes
      Pearl Via Coballes, Florence Nawew-Bahni, Bon Homme Richard Torres, Saint Mary’s University-Nueva Vizcaya (Philippines) – not yet registered
    27. Employability skills: Input to student and course development programme
      Dr Reynold Valera & Dr Roldan Ragot, Adamson University (Philippines) – not yet registered
    28. Determining the emotional quotient of students
      Raul Tumulak Jr, Jessica Mangubat, Jephunneh Joy Digal, Analyn Lumapas, Mauro Allan Amparado, University of Cebu, Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue (Philippines) – not yet registered
    29. Effects of perceived social support and cultural self-efficacy on acculturative stress of postgraduate students in the United Kingdom,
      Rhea Matthews, Manas Foundation (India) – not yet registered
    30. Where art thou: A study on the romantic preference of female adolescents
      Roella Florentino, Arshylla Marie Leyco, Kaila Therese Taguinod, Kate Virtus, & Gilbert Magtibay, Our Lady of Fatima University, Antipolo (Philippines) – not yet registered
    31. Mental health benefits of playing snooker
      Rohit Sagoo,  Anglia Ruskin University (United Kingdom) 
    32. English language exposure and students’ attitudes towards learning English
      Romel Pecajas, University of Mindanao (Philippines)
    33. Reading abilities among second language readers
      Rona dela Rosa, Bulacan State University (Philippines)
    34. Adjustment problems among university students due to geographic separation
      Roy Jesuitas Avila, Our Lady of Fatima University-Antipolo (Philippines) – not yet registered
    35. Anankastic and narcissistic tendencies among female K-Pop fanatics
      Selwyn Vincent Bantugan, Arianna Kysia Mendoza, Galiver Danaf, Rev Fr Delfo Canceran, PhD, Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Bataan (Philippines) – not yet registered
    36. Inclusive education for children with disabilities in India: Challenges in accommodating student diversity in a mainstream classroom
      Shailaja Rahavendra, DPS International School (Philippines) – not yet registered
    37. Anankastic and narcissistic tendencies among female K-Pop fanatics
      Sheena Caraig & Renzo Kevin Enriquez, Southern Luzon State University (Philippines) – not yet registered
    38. Emotional quotient among Filipino educators
      Sonia Janice Pilao, Centro Escolar University (Philippines) – not yet registered
    39. Medical psychology in Thailand
      Werawat Thahom, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) 
    40. Mental health vulnerabilities of physicians
      William Jake Tampus, University of Santo Tomas (Philippines)