Countdown to ICPCE 2018

Paper Presentation

NOTE: This is the list of accepted paper presentations, click here to see the names of all registered participants.

1. Development and validation of personal resource inventory. Aisha Bano, PRESTON UNIVERSITY (PAKISTAN) – Not yet registered

2. The law of harvest: Prosocial behaviours of volunteers. Alicia Tablizo, OUR LADY OF FATIMA UNIVERSITY–ANTIPOLO (PHILIPPINES) – Registered

3. The effects of gratitude journalling to life satisfaction. Alyssa Genela De Leon, CENTRO ESCOLAR UNIVERSITY–MANILA (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

4. The scar of shame: The role of national and in-group identification on collective shame and distancing. Angelika Lourdes Pizzaro (Not yet registered), Catherine Co Ong (Not yet registered), Zennia Beatrice Francisco (Not yet registered), UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES DILIMAN

5. Marital expectations, marital infidelity, and neuroticism as predictors of marital conflict: Case study of Igbo spouse in Imo State, Nigeria. Ann Madukwe (Not yet registered) & Juliana Njoku(Not yet registered), IMO STATE UNIVERSITY (NIGERIA) 

6. Emotional labour on job satisfaction and burnout. Antonio Morales (Not yet registered) & Antonius Hestasusilo (Not yet registered), UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS (PHILIPPINES) 

7. The relationship between traumatic event experiences and dissociative symptoms. Antonio Morales (Not yet registered) &
Antonius Hestasusilo (Not yet registered) , UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS (PHILIPPINES)

8. Impact of multiple intelligence club involvement to self-esteem and academic resilience of senior high school students.
Aryela Ivonne Inocencio (Not yet registered), Jaypee Reyes (Not yet registered), Alex Kate Navarrete (Not yet registered), Miguel Peter Nicolas (Not yet registered), Terence Jay Cortez (Not yet registered), John Loyd Osorio (Not yet registered), Jerico Pacis (Not yet registered), Reynaldo Canton III (Not yet registered), Jericho de Veyra (Not yet registered), & Gerico Sy (Not yet registered), UNIVERSITY OF THE EAST  (PHILIPPINES) 

9. Feminist attitude and ideology, emotional expressivity and interpersonal relationship among judokas, sports players, and dancers. Asiya Ateeq (Not yet registered), QATAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

10. Humour styles and emotional states. Aviva Domasian, OUR LADY OF FATIMA UNIVERSITY – QUEZON CITY (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

11. Predicting risk of drug use for high school students using artificial neural network. Beichen Wang, HONG KONG UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY – Not yet registered

12. HIV health beliefs, need-based intimacy, and mortality of salience as predictors of sexual abstinence self-efficacy among business process outsourcing agents in Metro Manila. Charliemagne Jasperleh Pocong, UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS (PHILIPPINES) – Registered

13. Qualitative analysis of the perceptions and understanding of Filipino expressive artists about art therapy and therapeutic art. Danielle Marie Parreño, UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES & PSYCHREG(Philippines) – Registered

14. Development of Filipino Youth Suicide Risk Scale. Desiderio Camitan IV, MAKATI MEDICAL CENTER COLLEGE (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

15. Self-narratives and world views of children in post-conflict Marawi. Desiderio Camitan IV, MAKATI MEDICAL CENTER COLLEGE (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

16. Faculty gender: Its relevance in the teaching competence of English language teachers. Dr Abdulsamad Shaik, COTABATO STATE POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

17. Lifestyle and cognitive functioning of the elderly as basis for a cognitive intervention programme. Dr Agnes Santos, CENTRO ESCOLAR UNIVERSITY (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

18. Exploring teacher professional competency of university students. Dr Ariya Kuha, PRINCE OF SONGKLA UNIVERSITY (THAILAND) – Registered

19. Towards measures of mattering in Malaysian occupational context. Dr Harris Shah Abd Hamid (Registered), Abdul Rahman Badayai(Not yet registered), Hariyati Shahrima Abdul Majid (Not yet registered), and Khairil Shahrim Abdul Majid(Not yet registered), UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA & NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF MALAYSIA, & HR WELLNESS DEVELOPMENT (MALAYSIA)  

20. Stress management plan for academic administrators of state universities. Dr Jose Alejandro Belen, BATANGAS STATE UNIVERSITY (PHILIPPINES)  – Not yet registered

21. Does manipulation of efficacy affect fear of falling in older women? Dr Nida Roncesvalles & Marie Bregendahl, TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY (UNITED STATES) – Registered

22. Psychological factors of disengagement of irregular schooling among Alternative Learning System Learners. Dr Phillip Ramir Punzalan, DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY (PHILIPPINES) – Registered

23. Employability skills: Input to student and course development programme. Dr Reynold Valera (Not yet registered) & Dr Roldan Ragot(Not yet registered), ADAMSON UNIVERSITY (PHILIPPINES) 

24. Loneliness: Examining the unpleasant experience in psychologically healthy and distressed individuals. Dr Saif Farooqi, UNIVERSITY OF DELHI (INDIA) – Registered

25. Exploring the leadership styles of student leaders: A mixed method study.  Dwight Echague (Not yet registered), Jaypee Reyes (Not yet registered), Monnette Penaflor(Not yet registered), King Caezar Belicario(Not yet registered), Paulyn Gem Torres(Not yet registered), Lloyd Josafat(Not yet registered), Chrisiram Corpuz(Not yet registered), & Jerald Almazan(Not yet registered), UNIVERSITY OF THE EAST (PHILIPPINES) 

26. Inner strength of parents of children with special needs. Earl Sanderson Tibayan, DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY – DASMARIÑAS (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

27. Psychological capital and happiness level as correlates to job performance: Basis for enhanced faculty development programme. Fatima Manalang, MANILA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY & PAMANTASAN NG LUNGSOD NG MAYNILA (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

28. Psychological predictors of stress management and adaptability among the pioneer Grade 11 Filipino students. Florence Nawew-Bahni (Not yet registered) & Mary Pauline Namoca (Not yet registered), SAINT MARY’S UNIVERSITY – NUEVA VIZCAYA, UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS  (PHILIPPINES) 

29. Teeter-totter model of burden-bearing among Filipino teenage mothers: Implications to sex education and psychosocial intervention programme. Florence Nawew-Bahni(Not yet registered), RPm, SAINT MARY’S UNIVERSITY – NUEVA VIZCAYA, UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS  (PHILIPPINES)  – Not yet registered

30. Psychological distress and attitudes towards seeking counselling: Moderating role of mental health literacy among Filipino university students. Franchesca Mechael Castillo (Not yet registered) & Bea Teresa Sengco (Not yet registered), DE LA SALLE ARANETA UNIVERSITY (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

31. The use of self in therapy and counselling psychology. Fraser Smith, GLASGOW CALEDONIAN UNIVERSITY (UNITED KINGDOM)  – Registered

32. Nature and strength of teach student relationship: The impact of teacher-student relationship on academic performance and future aspirations. Fr Jiju George Arakkathara, UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

33. Facing and managing death among elderlies. Genesis Aquino, DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY – DASMARIÑAS (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

34.  Management and leadership performance of academic middle managers and the attainment of their trilogic functions: An input to an enhancement programme. Geraldine Valdez Reyes, ILOCOS SUR  POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE(PHILIPPINES)  – Not yet registered

35. Communication dissonance on cognitive acquisition. Gervyn Toledo , OUR LADY OF FATIMA UNIVERSITY (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

36. The mediating effect of hope between self-efficacy and goal commitment. Hannah Wendham (Not yet registered) & Abegail Iradiel(Not yet registered), PHILIPPINE NORMAL UNIVERSITY – Not yet registered

37. Self-esteem, anxiety, and depression on the academic performance of bullies and victims. Janice Gemao,  UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

38. Adverse childhood experiences. Jeffrey Michael Friedman, NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY (UNITED STATES) – Not yet registered

39. Growing in empathy by reading literatureJennifer Bermudez, PHILIPPINE SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL – Not yet registered

40. Teacher-peer support and learning behaviour of high school students. Jethro Asor Odoy, UNIVERSITY OF THE MINDANAO (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

41. A study on the impact of self-efficacy on depression among the elderly. John Lourdusamy(Not yet registered), George Abraham(Not yet registered), Dr Garcia Dante(Not yet registered), UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

42. The use of eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing in sexually abused youth. Joseph Marquez, MA, RPm, HOSPICIO DE SAN JOSE (PHILIPPINES) – Registered

43. Current trends in counselling: Parental influence of reading attainment of children in Nigeria. Joseph Suleiman,  FEDERAL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION (NIGERIA)  – Not yet registered

44. Brain lateralisation of emotional and cognitive processing in the manic episode of selected clinically diagnosed bipolar            patients. Josephine Santonia, UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS & CENTRO ESCOLAR UNIVERSITY (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

45. Self-esteem as predictor of life satisfaction among postgraduate psychology students. Josevy Taguibao(Not yet registered), Jay Errol Baral(Not yet registered), & Dante Garcia(Not yet registered)UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS (PHILIPPINES)

46. Effects of experience points (XP) grading as performance task on the academic performance, behaviour, and interest in physical science of Grade 11 studentsJulius Howell Regalado, UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES LOS BAÑOS – Registered

47. Journeying into grieving and coping mechanisms of young adult widowers. Kaye Anne Cristella Bayta, Mia Crisel Dalogo, Gino Cabrera, MPsy, RPm, UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

48. Family structure, parental attachment, and psychological well-being: Factors underlying juvenile delinquency. Louziela Masana & Dante Garcia, CAVITE STATE UNIVERSITY AND UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS (PHILIPPINES)  – Not yet registered

49. Indian immigrants and their counsellors: Implications for Australian counselling practice. Madhuri Mathisen (Registered) & Dr Marieke Ledingham(Not yet registered), UNIVERSITY OF NOTRE DAME (AUSTRALIA) 

50. ROAD to forever: Conflict management and conflict resolution of dual-earning married couples. Marris Reyes, ISABELA STATE UNIVERSITY (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

51. Effects of violent conflicts on mental health of internally displaced persons: The moderating role of resilience. Martina Amande¹(Not yet registered) & Francis Udzua² (Not yet registered), COLLEGE OF EDUCATION (NIGERIA) ¹, BENUE STATE UNIVERSITY (NIGERIA)² 

52. A phenomenological study of coping styles of LGBT experiencing workplace harassment. Ma. Iris Dealagdon (Not yet registered), Trishia Emarie Pardilla(Not yet registered), Angelica Pineda(Not yet registered), Christian Ranche(Not yet registered), & Ronnie Noche(Not yet registered), EULOGIO ‘AMANG’ RODRIGUEZ INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES DILIMAN, FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY – MANILA (PHILIPPINES) 

53. Exploring the life experience of unemployed young adult Filipinos . Mia Stephanie Borres(Not yet registered), Precious Nicole Cantoria(Not yet registered), Katreena Delos Ama(Not yet registered), Riva Althea Roldan(Not yet registered), MIRIAM COLLEGE (PHILIPPINES)

54. A review of models for predicting achievement in statistics courses. Muhammad Karimi Sulaiman¹ (Not yet registered), Harris Shah Abd Hamid² (Registered), Jusmawati Fuzaman¹ (Not yet registered), INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA¹ & UNIVERSITY OF MALAYA (MALAYSIA)²

55. Enhancing school leadership skills through reflective practice. Namrata , SIKKIM UNIVERSITY (INDIA) – Registered

56. Emotional intelligence and leadership styles of local government officials from selected cities in Metro Manila. Nerichelle Mariquina(Not yet registered), Jaypee Reyes(Not yet registered), Jhuanna Marie Roberto(Not yet registered), John Cedrick Anastasio(Not yet registered), Julius Andre Cera(Not yet registered), Jacob Sy(Not yet registered), Wyeth Susi(Not yet registered), & Genesis Vinte(Not yet registered), UNIVERSITY OF THE EAST (PHILIPPINES) 

57. Examining the moderating roles of social and organisational supports on the relationship between workplace bullying and work performance. Odessa May Escalona, MINDANAO STATE UNIVERSITY – ILIGAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

58. Risk violence and health assessment among women: Forms of violence and reasons for staying. Odessa May Escalona (Not yet registered) & Priscilla Cada(Not yet registered), MINDANAO STATE UNIVERSITY – ILIGAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (PHILIPPINES) 

59.Diversification of counselling education and practice: A strategy for management of insecurity in Nigeria. Paulina Obiomo Sowho, FEDERAL COLLEGE OF EDUCATION (NIGERIA) – Not yet registered

60. May–December romance: A glimpse into age disparity among Filipino heterosexual couples. Pearl Marjorie Bugtai, MIRIAM COLLEGE (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

61. Gender differences in intimate partner violence among Filipino university students: Implication to psychoeducational programmes. Pearl Via Coballes, Florence Nawew-Bahni(Not yet registered), & Bon Homme Richard Torres(Not yet registered), SAINT MARY’S UNIVERSITY & UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS – NUEVA VIZCAYA (PHILIPPINES)  

62. An analysis on the influence of high school career interests towards future university performance. Pei-Ching Chao¹(Not yet registered), Min-Ning Yu²(Not yet registered), & Gregory Ching³(Not yet registered), COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAMINATION CENTER (TAIWAN)¹, NATIONAL CHENGCHI UNIVERSITY (TAIWAN)², FU JEN CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY (TAIWAN)³ 

63. Understanding the situational effect of science career-choice intention: An analysis of TIMSS. Pei-Ching Chao¹(Not yet registered), Gregory Ching²(Not yet registered), & Min-Ning Yu³(Not yet registered), COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAMINATION CENTER (TAIWAN)¹, FU JEN CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY (TAIWAN)², NATIONAL CHENGCHI UNIVERSITY (TAIWAN)³ 

64. Clinical implications of prayer breath technique: A case study of two depressive out-patients. Philip Manuelson Arandia, UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES DILIMAN – Not yet registered

65. Determining the emotional quotient of students. Raul Tumulak Jr, Jessica Mangubat(Not yet registered), Jephunneh Joy Digal(Not yet registered), Analyn Lumapas(Not yet registered), Dr Mauro Allan Amparado(Not yet registered), UNIVERSITY OF CEBU, LAPU-LAPU AND MANDAUE (PHILIPPINES) 

66. Temperament as predictor of delinquent behaviours among prisoners. Razia Anjum¹(Not yet registered), Zaqia Bano²(Not yet registered), & Asif Hussain³(Not yet registered), GOVERNMENT COLLEGE WOMEN UNIVERSITY, SIALKOT (PAKISTAN)¹, UNIVERSITY OF GUJARAT (PAKISTAN), HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION (PAKISTAN) 

67. Effects of perceived social support and cultural self-efficacy on acculturative stress of postgraduate students in the United Kingdom. Rhea Matthews, MANAS FOUNDATION (INDIA) – Not yet registered

68. Where art thou: A study on the romantic preference of female adolescents. Roella Florentino(Not yet registered), Arshylla Marie Leyco(Not yet registered), Kaila Therese Taguinod(Not yet registered), Kate Virtus(Not yet registered), & Gilbert Magtibay(Not yet registered), OUR LADY OF FATIMA UNIVERSITY–ANTIPOLO 

69. Mental health benefits of playing snooker. Rohit Sagoo,  ANGLIA RUSKIN UNIVERSITY (UNITED KINGDOM)  – Registered

70. English language exposure and students’ attitudes towards learning English. Romel Pecajas, UNIVERSITY OF MINDANAO (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

71. Reading abilities among second language readers. Rona dela Rosa, BULACAN STATE UNIVERSITY (PHILIPPINES)  – Registered

72. Adjustment problems among university students due to geographic separation. Roy Jesuitas Avila, OUR LADY OF FATIMA UNIVERSITY – ANTIPOLO (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

73. Smartphone use, anxiety, interpersonal relationships, and sleep quality among adolescents. Sarah Jane Macaraeg, UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS (PHILIPPINES)  – Not yet registered

74. Reading: Power of changing. Sarinda Puti (Registered), Hananmuhibbatuddin  Nochi (Registered), & Dr Ariya Kuha (Not yet registered), PRINCE OF SONGKLA UNIVERSITY (THAILAND)  

75. Same-sex relationship: Awareness, lifestyle, and practices. Selwyn Vincent Bantugan(Not yet registered), Arianna Kysia Mendoza(Not yet registered), Galiver Danaf(Not yet registered), Rev Fr Delfo Canceran, PhD (Not yet registered), COLEGIO DE SAN JUAN DE LETRAN–BATAAN (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

76. Demographic profile, organisational citizenship behaviour and work values of Filipino customer services representatives. Shaine Custodio Creencia-Hayag, UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS (PHILIPPINES)  – Not yet registered

77. Inclusive education for children with disabilities in India: Challenges in accommodating student diversity in a mainstream classroom. Shailaja Rahavendra, DPS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (INDIA) – Not yet registered

78. Life satisfaction as a predictor of death anxiety among the elderly peopleSilvi Jose (Not yet registered)& Dr Garcia Dante(Not yet registered), UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

79. Anankastic and narcissistic tendencies among female K-Pop fanatic. Sheena Caraig (Not yet registered)& Renzo Kevin Enriquez(Not yet registered), SOUTHERN LUZON STATE UNIVERSITY (PHILIPPINES) – Not yet registered

80. Emotional quotient among Filipino educators. Sonia Janice Pilao (Not yet registered) & Christine Fresco (Registered), CENTRO ESCOLAR UNIVERSITY (PHILIPPINES)  

81. Outdoor play and computer-based games on orthographic awareness and word recall.
Yña Keiku Agato¹, Ruxie Mae Alibo, Mailyn Palconit(Not yet registered), Deanne Lois Paule(Not yet registered), Faye Tancinco(Not yet registered), & Adrian Segovia²(Not yet registered), CENTRO ESCOLAR UNIVERSITY¹,  UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS² 

82. Progress and performance index prediction among public schools in Massachusetts State. Yu Cao, BLAIR ACADEMY (UNITED STATES) – Not yet registered

83. Predicting number of commentaries on the publication using artificial neural network. Yuchen Zhang, WALSH JESUIT SCHOOL (UNITED STATES) – Not yet registered