Countdown to ICPCE 2018

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The International Society on Psychology, Counselling and Education (ISPCE) aims to provide a warm and healthy environment to explore and discuss the realms of psychology, counselling, and education. The Society also as aims to act as a bridge for scholarly communication and professional interaction among psychologists, counsellors, and educators around the globe.




Psychological Associates of Central Florida (PAC Florida) provides comprehensive mental health treatment to children, adolescents, families, and adults. PAC Florida takes a comprehensive approach to identifying and treating mental health issues. They take pride of  their relationship with healthcare providers and schools in our community and are happy to collaborate to provide clients with the most complete care available. 




Serenity Health provides drug and alcohol detox services. Addiction is an illness and it should be treated as such. They do this in a calm and tranquil environment, where the focus is on reduction of stress. Their health and well-being programme runs alongside the client’s therapeutic detox programme at their private rehabilitation centre. At Serenity Health, we treat all forms of addiction. 




Pentagon Review Centre is leading review centre in the Philippines. They offer review sessions for local nurses and nurses who plan to take the NCLEX, CGFNS, HAAS, and Promoterics. Additionally, they also help aspiring teachers to ace the local board exams. They also offer review classes for aspiring Filipino psychometricians and psychologists. Their review programme is comprehensive – with the longest number of substantial and full-filled review hours, thousands of practice review questions, final coaching, pre-board exams, and rationalisations to help you pass and even top the board exam. 


 is an annual mental health event in Portugal organised to help shed light on mental health through films and other media. It was initiated by Ana Pinto-Coelho, a mental health advocate and a writer for Psychreg. 




Fairstart Foundation offers free online training programmes in 17 languages for those people taking care of abandoned and vulnerable children, whether it is foster parents, kinship carers or staff at children’s institutions. We also offer an online certified instructor education that  teaches key persons to train caregivers in the training programmes. This instructor education is used in 8 different countries.




Interspect Training Services is a dynamic organisation that offers training, coaching, and counselling services. Based in Marikina City, in the Philippines, Interspect also serves as a psychology review centre to help aspiring Filipino psychologists and psychometricians. At the heart of its core values is a belief in human greatness and potential, thus, they help people achieve life goals through effective and high-impact training, coaching, and counseling.



Psychometric Pinas is an online resource and reviewer aimed for both aspiring Filipino Psychometricians, and for those who are preparing to take the Board Licensure Exam for Psychologists and Psychometricians (BLEPP). With an active social media presence, particularly on their Facebook page, Psychometric Pinas has been helping aspiring Filipino psychologist and psychometricians in achieving their career goals.